Born & Raised in East London, Mark Omotobora (20) is a late adolescent that honours his work within the worlds of Fashion, Music & Writing. Renowned as an innovative mind, Mark exhibits the arts of audio-visuality to illustrate his work – more dominantly within his editorials and writing pieces. With his taste for Fashion and ear for Music, Mark wants his writing pieces to be a focal point of his brand as he aims to rake into the socio-political issues that surround the urban society today. As a true visionary he strives to illustrate his works using the elements of storytelling and film to create multi-layered content.

On his journey to ‘DiG’ into the spaces of Fashion, Music & Writing you can say he is undertaking the same course as a journalist, but he also is an individual that possesses the abilities of a Creative Director, as he practices his works in Graphics, Film, Advertising & Entertainment.


Originally founded as KONKRETE JOURNAL.

DiGGA DiARY simply houses the name of Marks journey exploring and documenting his paces in the worlds of Fashion, Music and Writing.  Whilst DiGGA DiARY is not a separate entity from himself, Mark still wishes to use the DiGGA DiARY name as platform beyond his own mouth and journey by showcasing the views, opinions and stories of others.