It’s safe to say the tide has settled after dropping the wavy and dangerous FEED THE STREETS visuals. If you are still yet to view the visuals, then its best you navigate your fingers to my Instagram and Twitter accounts @MOtobora, to see what my first ever visual project looked like.

My pilot post, New Kid On The Block was of one that briefly touched on the experiences that led me to creating DiGGA DiARY. Now moving on, Streets Is Hungry will touch on what I’m actually trying to do and accomplish with DiGGA DiARY, this is like the New Kid On The Block continued…


DiGGA DiARY was launched on the 3rd of May 2019 and It will be an injustice to not applaud you guys for the launch’s reception. The amount of love received was mad and I appreciate the appreciation. The general consensus thought of my creative debut as a pioneering move that was inspiring and motivating (which was all part of the plan) a shout-out to the people who fed me a dose of constructive criticism too – your words were not overlooked.


The reason we are here is to gain a bit of clarity.

I want to provide some clarity for you guys, but I also want to gain a bit of clarity for myself, making sure people are at least more aware of what I’m trying to do with DiGGA DiARY.

Ite, enough talk lets get to it.


This is the broadest page of them all and its pretty ironic that it needs lesser of an explanation than the others. To make things clearer, you can look at this page as like ‘a day in the life’ section where you can find a variety of content ranging from video logs and writing pieces that are crafted around personal experiences.


From young I was told that my fits were always a little different even though sometimes all it took was hanging a bandana from my back pocket. But pay attention to how I used the word little, when putting together fits there is no hiding that I wanted to stand out, so I always dressed a ‘little’ different but I won’t lie, little is getting a lil boring now. So, I’m going to back myself and put my styling capabilities to the test to see what new steez I can create for myself.

If you happen to give a s*** about how you dress yourself and are maybe looking for a little streetwear inspo then lead yourself to this section. Let me make this straight, man’s not hear to coach you or tell you how to clothe your skin, I’m just trying to provide you that little boost that will ‘influence’ you to add that little bit of splah to your fits. That splah you did not dare to attempt in the past.


You’re probably looking at the number one Central Auxiliary Co-ordinator in the U.K. My recent clients (the mandem) have been proud with my impact to cut down journey times by 18.73 percent. More impressively this study was conducted without the use of drill music because I’m really and truly an advocate for driving a car where all four wheels are fully intact.

Enough of that though, you have now reached the music section, where you must come with open ears and open minds. Here you will have access to one of the more interactive sides of the blog which aims to literally bring ‘music to your ears’ through the use of playlists and more. It doesn’t stop there though, when you come here expect to read some music articles and reviews as well.


Now this page right here is my baby. This section will need to be taken with that little bit of extra care, that little bit of extra time to ensure that It always delivers quality.

You guys liked my New Kid On The Block post because it was introspective, insightful and inspiring. Well for you guys the Editorial section is definitely the place for you (as well as the other three sections of course). Here I wish to curate a hub that touches deeper into my personal experiences as well as covering current socio-political issues.

The reason I call this part of my blog my baby is because I care about it like a mother loves her child, the reason being is because this space allows me to combine elements from all four sections of my blog and even beyond that. Here you will find a lot of words – it’s one thing to write words but it’s another thing to attach these words to visual aids such as films and photos to create an unorthodox way to give my words that extra layer of depth and meaning. I will use the power of film and production to ensure the content created is reflective and not throw away quality.

Hopefully, this section will be of something that will transcend into a visual platform that provides deeper conversations and interviews but that’s all in due time.


My debut in the creative world was made two weeks back which means I have officially entered my rookie year. I’m ready to learn, I’m ready to make mistakes because I know on the other side of the wall, I’m going to build something that is raw and righteous.

But first I need to find my feet, find my groove and then it’s a wrap.

It’s funny how a young brother didn’t even do too well in his Media Studies, but it just goes to show init…

Thanks for reading, dinner is served.